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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I safely pay also with credit card?

Yes of course, our transation are guanteed by a Safe Server, that  use a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protection system, also used by a big bank like the Sparkasse and the informations are manteined in reserved form; this new modality of purchase allows to make the payments on the Internet in an absolutely safe way.

  • By what is determined the selection of the products?

The quality and the selection are the keyword upon whose Dolomitifood is based. The Company boasts of co-workers productive by more than 20 years. Our mission is that of make perceive scents and the flavours of the Dolomites products to the consumers,  meticulously controlled and selectioned by a commercial and professional company like ours, whose determinant factor is not the price but rather the absolute quality.

  • How do you remedy if one pack  arrives with damaged or wrong products?

Any esterior damages or the wrong lacked corrispondence of the number of the packages or the indications, must be immediately be contested to the courier that makes the delivery, who will write the anomaly on the accompaniatory document. In case of undamaged packaging, the goods must be verified within eight days from the receipt. Any occult damages or anomalies must be signaled in written way by registered letter with signed return receipt, to the courier whose address is explicited on the accompaniatory document.

  • Can you also send packages to foreign countries?

Surely. Dolomitifood can accept order with delivery in the whole world, and however with analysis case by case, depending from the legislation of the nation of destinations of the goods.

  • Can you order sold out or in exhaustion products?

In particular circumstances Dolomitifood may be not able to assure the availability of all the products, therefore, in case of the the client will order products in exhausition has to send an e-mail at the address; the company will take in consideration the request and will reply, depending on avaliability.

  • What happens if the courier don't find anyone at the moment of the delivery?

The courier makes the first delivery without notice. In absence of the Client, the courier retry the delivery in the two following working days. In case of further absence, the home delivery will be avoided and the goods will remain by the courier set for 5 days.

  • What is the minimum amount for a order and how do I keep updating on the situation of my order?

The minimum amount for a purchase is 30 € (shipping costs escluded). Over 80 euros shipment is free (only for Italy). The effected order generates a mail to copy with all the references to the order. The state of your own order can be displayed entering the site with user name and password chosen at the moment of the first registration.

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