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Typical Italian food products for sale online


Dolomiti Food is an e-commerce portal that that sells typical of Veneto and other Italian regions, and biological foods of protected areas of the Bellunese area.

The purpose is to recover the gastronomic traditions of the Dolomites, collecting and elaborating culinary secrets and recipes. The rediscovery of the goodness of typical Venetian products matches, of course, with the highest quality workmanship and a careful selection of raw materials.

prodotti tipici e tradizionali italiani e veneti

The products we offer are over 400, divided into 15 categories, from pickles to chocolate, from salami to wines: all dishes and typical Venetian and Italian foods, prepared with selected food and with guaranteed traditional methods.

Primizie Paris, the company of Belluno which has initiated the Dolomites Food project, uses a network of partners - farmers, artisans - active for over twenty years in the field of local products. The experience gained so far has allowed us to define a strategy to supply impeccable service and satisfied customers continues to grow.

However, sometimes it may happen that some items are not available or that are sold out until next season. This is because these products are seasonal and coming from biological cultures that respect the natural cycles.

Browse the catalog of our typical products, choose the ones you like and order them immediately online.

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Special honey, Italian honey

Beekeeping Dolomiti is a registred brand of Primizie Paris that selections for you the most precious honeys.The honey is producted by the bees that harvest the nectar from the precious flora of our mountains. ...
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Very high quality jam

120% Fruit Jam We explain you why our jams are like the homemad jams. We are so convinced of the quality of our products, that we invite you to compare the other brands availabile on the market. We utilize 120 gr of...
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Chocolate Dolomites

We invite you to purchase our products, we are sure that you will be very satisfied, and will let us know to your friends! It's a brand of propriety of Primizie Paris. The chocolate is a product in high...
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Sartorelli Biscuits

Sartorelli Biscuits are known for their genuiness and the highest quality. They are produced in the heart of the Dolomites, but they are known throughout Italy by the tourists visiting our mountains. The use of carefully selected ingredients ensures freshness...
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Mushrooms: experience and quality

We have been from the firsts to confection and distribute mushrooms based food and preparations. Our experience, accumulated in years of work, permits us to selection the mushroom harvesting, directly from personnel linked to us, allowing us to supply high...
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100% biological blueberry juice

The 100% biological blueberry juice is a product that deserves an very particular attention, this because is made exclusively with fresh blueberry, coming by a biological agriculture, without using semi-finished or concentrated juices. It is a mix of antioxidants and beneficial...
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